Joanne Wright is the consummate professional. I had worked with her before and she was the only one I wanted to assist me in selling our home and purchasing our new home. I would not only recommend her to others if asked but I go out of my way to promote her.   - Major Charles Kenny USA


Joanne, I wanted to tell you personally how much I appreciate all you did for my family in regards to the sale of our home. The way you showcased the positive highlights of our home in the photo shoot of the home, the timing and marketing strategy used, the way you explained your interpretation of current market, and made suggestions on how we could tune our presentation to prospective buyers - all excellent. You gave us good practical solutions on what needed to be more presentable in the way we kept our home. With four kids, you gave us good advice on reducing the "tornado' effect they can have when showing a home. You were very amazing in terms of following up with us whenever we had a question or concern, FAR EXCEEDING all other parties involved in the home sale. I look forward to an opportunity to recommend you to friends, family, and colleagues. You delivered top dollar on the home sale. Joanne, you and your team are awesome - THANK YOU!   - Steve Walkowiak and family


We wanted to take a moment to pass a heartfelt "Thank You" for all of your support throughout the sale of your home. We truly appreciate everything you and your team have done. From our initial meeting, through the entire process, including your support through a difficult closing, we could not have asked for more, and we literally could not have done it without you. We are extremely pleased and would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone! Thank you!  - Dan and Maya Snyder


My name is Joshua Williams. In the beginning of 2014, my fiance Julie and I decided it was time to buy a home. We spent numerous nights discussing where we would like to buy and what type of home we were looking for. It was shortly after this time that I met Joanne and Terry. While viewing the homes, Joanne and Terry gave us a ton of information and helped guide us towards finding the perfect home. They gave us information on everything from future resale points, landscaping ideas, and even decorating ideas. Julie and I have very busy schedules and we were only able to view houses and meet with Joanne on nights and weekends. This was never an issue and she was always there to assists us in any possible way. We were never rushed on any viewings, and we always felt as if they were happy to be showing us homes. Julie and I are very blessed to have been introduced to such great people. In today's society, it can be difficult to find someone that you can trust. Joanne's motto is "Aim High, Play it Straight, Make it Fun!!" If you know Joanne, this describes her to a tee. She exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Julie and I both have said we know Joanne, Terry, and Josh Dutton will be friends of ours in the future. These are the type of people that you don't let out of your life once you find them. I hope that anybody who is looking for an honest and trustworthy real estate agent considers working with Joanne Wright. When you decide to user her, I promise you will not be disappointed.   - Joshua Williams


I was very happy with Joanne! She not only made the selling and buying experience stress free, but she made it enjoyable and easy!   - Cody Hilburn


My pre-conceived notion of a home sale was that it would be a grueling painful process. Joanne Wright shattered that notion. She is on top of her field in terms of marketing strategy and highlighting the positive attributes of your home. She was a delight to work for and I look forward to an opportunity to recommend her to a friend or colleague that is interested in home sale/purchase. Thank You Joanne!